What should I do about a possible dog behavior problem?

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My aunt had to put her dogHow do i know if my little dog has a breathing problem because he is short of breath often?. Read more ... » to sleep a few monthsHow to control dog barking at outside noises?. Read more ... » ago because he was old and couldn’t control his bladder anymore. She just adopted a chihuahua from a rescue, its 1Is it really necessary for me to pay a trainer for my dog's problem?. Read more ... » year old and was apparently kicked in theDOG & CAT OVER POPULATION PROBLEM - Barbados. Read more ... » face. For someCan some help me with my dog problem?. Read more ... » reasonMy dog is having problem walking and keeps crying, what could it be?. Read more ... », the dog keeps peeingProblem with dog peeing when I come home?. Read more ... » in the living roomWould my dog have a anxiety problem because one owner is strict discipline her an the other owner mothers her?. Read more ... ». My aunt has it on a bathroom schedule but she pees mostly in the spots the old dogHow can I cure my dog's submissive urination problem?. Read more ... » did. What could thisMy dog twitches constantly when awake. Is this a problem?. Read more ... » mean and how do we stopDog problem. My male Border Collie has a terrible habit of sniffing women's crotches, how can I stop him?. Read more ... » her from peeing? Is she marking her territory?

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