What should I do about a possible dog behavior problem?

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My aunt had to put her dogDog training –training for proper dog behavior. Read more ... » to sleep a few months ago because he was old and couldn’t control his bladder anymore. She just adoptedDog Training - How to Housebreak an Adopted Dog. Read more ... » a chihuahuaDesigner Dog Beds Buying Tips. Read more ... » from a rescue, its 1 year old and was apparently kicked in the face. For some reason, the dog keeps peeingProblem with dog peeing when I come home?. Read more ... » in the living room5 Unique Dog Beds - Which One Is Right?. Read more ... ». My aunt has it on a bathroom scheduleImportance of a Feeding Schedule in Your Dog's Diet. Read more ... » but she pees mostly in the spots the old dogHow can I get my 3 yr old dog to stop peeing on the dog beds we buy him?. Read more ... » did. What could this mean and how do we stopHow do I get my dog to stop barking?. Read more ... » her from peeing? Is she marking her territory?

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3 thoughts on “What should I do about a possible dog behavior problem?

  1. Dani~mom of 2~

    I just saw something like this on tv. One male dog always peed in the bedroom to over-marked where the other male dog had peed. The Specialist suggest she wear a least around her waist with the dog on the other end and stay like that throughout the day, if the dog wasn’t attached it was in the crate. Anytime the dog would go to mark, the owner was right there to correct him by pulling on the leash and telling him no. After a while of doing this the leash was no longer needed and he no longer peed in there.

  2. Makenzi T<3

    well the reason tht she is peeing in the same place as the old dog is because they like to pee where urine is traced you should probably get new carpet because the urine smell wont go away promise me and maybe you should take him to the vet my cat peed evrywhere too and he was actually depressed? hope everything goes good for you!

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