need website for interactive and durable dog toys?

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I have an australianWhat is the name of the Australian Cattle Dog Ranch featured on The Dog Whisperer?. Read more ... » cattle dogBuilding Dog Houses. Read more ... » and I need toWhat are some good strong dog toys?. Read more ... » find her good interactiveWhere can I find innovative interactive dog toys for the smart hyperactive dog?. Read more ... » and durable dog toysWhat are some good dog toys for power chewers?. Read more ... ».

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4 thoughts on “need website for interactive and durable dog toys?

  1. Tammy R

    Kong toys are the best. Depending on your dog and how hard it chews on things is how you choose the colors. Black is the toughest. You can fill them with rice and cheese, peanut butter, just plain treats. Once you fill it you can freeze it and it will keep them busy for hours getting the stuff out. Mac and cheese works good too if you have left overs. Use your imagination. You can get these at the pet stores. They are a bit pricy but they are almost indistructable. I have a jar of peanut butter that is just for the dogs and use it in mine all the time. I give it just before I walk out the door or when they are just bored and need something to do and I’m not able to play with them.

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