Does anyone know where to find the best dog toys?

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9 thoughts on “Does anyone know where to find the best dog toys?

  1. Veteran Garfield

    If you have any kind of thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, nearby, just get some children’s’ squeaky toys, I bet your dog will love them.

  2. rsantos19

    Kong brand toys are pretty good (found at any major pet store). You can stick treats in them and watch him toss it around trying to dig it out, or smear peanut butter inside and watch him get mesmerized by it. They also hold up very well (except in certain cases – my dog is an extraordinary chewer and can find ways to break anything except for hard-plastic Nylabones)

  3. PuttPutt

    Petco has a huge selection of dog toys (you can bring the dog in with you, too!). I also have a horse and buggy feed store near me that has all kinds of neat toys and treats for animals. If all else fails, Walmart has a pretty good selection, too.

  4. mom2kats

    make one your self. get a thick rope and tie a big knot on one end and another on the other end. you got a tug rope. take a tennis ball and a good strength rope. make a small cut on both sides and push the rope in and out the other side and bring it back around and tie it tight. this can be a tool for teaching toss the ball and bring it back. after the dog gets the ball in his mouth gently pull on it saying “come here” or whatever you would like to. if you don’t want to use a ball then use a stick and do the same thing.. another fun thing is to put a rubber ball in a sock and bounce it on the floor and say “go get it”. The dog will love it. All this you can do for your best friend and the dog and best of all it is something you made…the best gifts are homemade! It really shows how much you care that you would take the time to make something your self for the dog…….have fun!

  5. PAWS

    Planet dog ( is one of the few companies that will guarantee their dog toys. Many major and small pet supply businesses carry their products. Their toys are graded for their indestructibility (is that a word?!). The Planet Orbees are guaranteed against chewing so they are a big hit with owners who have aggressive chewing dogs because the company will replace them if the are damaged. check out their full line of products and look for stores in your area that carry their products. Oh and the toys smell like mint so it helps to mask the stinky dog breath!!

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