My Dog Happily Cleaning a Kitten’s Face

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This videoFree Hunting Dog Training Videos - Clicker Training with your new Puppy. Read more ... » was featured in the PBS documentary series, “Nature”, in the the “Why We LoveTop Cats & Dogs Who Love Each Other Compilation 2014. Read more ... » CatsTop Cats & Dogs Who Love Each Other Compilation 2014. Read more ... » & DogsWatch Dogs PS4 Gameplay Comparison. Read more ... »” episode. I was asked if they might send a video crew out toDogmantics- Dog Training Television- Episode 1. Read more ... » get moreWhy Dog Toys Are More Than A Luxury Item. Read more ... » footage but I had to decline as the cats you see here could not be videotaped due to their feral state. I would have really liked to have had the story of their arrival and their friendship with Annie, the breeder dogWhat do you think is the most important misunderstanding in dog training?. Read more ... », shared with others… but ferals tend to hide themselves away when other other human beings, beyond their …

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25 thoughts on “My Dog Happily Cleaning a Kitten’s Face

  1. hot88fudge

    yes i had “mommy” neutered. I am so glad she has a nice place to live in right now. it is a wonderful feeling. I hope you do take care of that cat. one of the student i tutor just told me she saw a dying kitten today. she kept mewing and no one helped her. i felt so bad. i didn’t know, i would have done something if i knew :(

  2. robbiethree

    I am so glad that you adopted your new pets from a shelter. And you are right, you’d be surprised to learn that feral (living in the wild) cats are never given an option of life or death at most shelters, they are immediately put down upon arrival. I thank you for looking at shelter animals rather than elsewhere when you decided to adopt. You’re the best!

  3. robbiethree

    I am so glad that you were there for the little mother and her babies. And you SHOULD feel good about yourself for it! It is not easy taking care of them when they aren’t actually pets. I hope you had them spayed/neutered… Right now I am trying to find a source of help with a cat I just got caught, he has an eye out. I don’t want him put down so I am hoping to have his eye sewn shut and I will keep him in a cage in the kitchen until he has recovered. And, neutered, of course. :-)

  4. hot88fudge

    That is great! A stray tabby gave birth in my house to the cutest 3. And even though they kept me real busy and sometimes a little deprived of sleep. Like you, they made me feel really good about myself. :)

  5. robbiethree

    Congratulations on your new additions! I am so glad you went to a shelter rather than buying them from a pet store. You are going to have SO much fun with the two of them! If you get them up on youtube, let me know so I can see them!

    Thanks for writing!

  6. AspieCub


    I adopted a brand new set of 2 kittens that resemble Bounce. They are both Tabbies and I named them Agnetha (female) and Bjorn (male) and I got them from the local animal shelter. It feels good rescuing innocent animals from certain death. They were abandoned as well. I’m grateful to have them as my own now. Keep up the good work.

    Troy in Downey, CA

  7. AspieCub


    There is a place in heaven for you. I think it’s fantastic that you had the patience to rescue Annie and Bounce. This really moves me when I read stories like yours. She is so cute………


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